Helderberg Community Energy, LLC

Meetings are regularly held on one Sunday of each month at
6 pm at the Octagon Barn, located at
588 Middle Road in the town of Knox, NY.  

To contact us, please email:
or mail to
PO Box 236, Knox, NY, 12107
The mission of Helderberg Community Energy, LLC is to develop
and support locally owned renewable energy projects which
address climate change and strengthen our rural economy.
HCE members volunteer for  WAMC fund drive.
HCE sponsors a BKW Little League team
HCE is working with Solarize Albany to
bring affordable solar power to everyone.
Monolith is moving forward quickly with community solar,  with both purchase and subscription options.  
The purchase option is approximately $2.75/watt.
The subscription is a 10% savings on the credits received from the utility company.  
A credit will be received on the utility bills, and then a bill will come from Monolith for 90% of the credit.  
There is no investment so it's ONLY GAIN CREDITS/SAVINGS!!!
Monolith is currently in the process of interconnecting two farms: National Grid and NYSG – purchase.
Two sites are going to construction: National Grid – purchase and  – subscription