Helderberg Community Energy, LLC
Current Activities:
HCE would like to encourage the hilltowns of Albany County to generate their own
renewable energy to offset all of their electric consumption.  This can be done
with solar photovoltaic panels located at one site, through aggregate net
metering, creating the electricity needed for all of a town's various electric
metered sites.

We would like to see "Shared Solar" or "Community Net Metering" supplying the
electric needs of residences and businesses in the hilltowns. The New York State
Public Service Commission has permitted this as of July 2015.  A single solar
photovoltaic site can be subscribed to by many homes and businesses who,
through aggregate net metering, would have their electrical needs offset.

We partnered with Monolith Solar to build community solar arrays which are
shared by multiple homes and businesses.  

We are working with Solarize Albany to find customers who are interested in either
solar arrays on their own property or who would like to join a community array.  
Either way, customers can same money and use clean renewable energy.