HCE hopes to help people figure
out what they can do to use
renewable energy
Solar PV panels,
Hot water panels,

Let's not forget CONSERVATION!

We anticipate listing vendors
and making recommendations.
Sun Dog Solar At least one family in
Knox has used
Sun Dog Solar for
solar hot water
solar electric panels and
recommends them.
Vendor Recommendations:
Things we learned:

Be sure to ask how the power company
settles up with you at the end of the year if
you install a grid tied
solar PV system.
Hawk Drilling, geo-thermal installations  
At least Two families in Knox have used
Hawk Drilling to install geo-thermal systems
and recommend them.
Vendors of choice by Solarize Albany
Monolith Solar
Apex Solar
Common Energy
Dandelion Energy
Several families in the area have had
geothermal installations done by
Dandelion Energy and recommends them.